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Website Design

Before you read any further, you should know that: If your business is located in Ontario, Canada, the Ontario government gives a totally free website for small family based businesses, with a free domain name of your choice. You just need to set it up and your small business will be online in a short period of time. If you need help, we can help you. Our fee is $60 an hour. We can get this set up and run in less than a few hours, if we have all the necessary info. However the necessary time depends on your needs, on the size of your business and or our avalitibily.

In the case you need more, please keep reading. Whatever is your website related needs, we are here to help you.

For a very competitive fee we can register a domain name or domain names for your website, and we will open, set up web hosting service for your new domain name. We can upload your website to the host server and we can register your URL into the big search engines and big directories database.

Or if you have a little Internet knowledge, you can do it yourself for free here. There is no catch, it's really free, you just need to pay the fee to host your website.

References Available Upon Request! Contact us for more info!

What you'll get:

Domain name registration & DNS set up.

Email account set up with your domain name.

Website design or re-design.

Upload the site to the host server (FTP).

Registering in search engines' database.

Low cost domain names with our suggested hosting package! Hosting cost depends on the size of your website.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is as important as creating a website. You should see your website as a living organ. It should grow, it should be checked and should be taken care of.

Without consistent updates, your website becomes an outdated brochure that will virtually eliminate repeat-visitors traffic. For a monthly fee we can take care of the maintenance on your website. Cost depends on the size of your website. Fixed "time blocks" website maintenance and log files analyzing available too.

Responsive Website Design - Web Development Service

Responsive mean, your website will look the same on a desktop computer and on a cell phone or a tablet.

Full custom responsive website designs. We do all the work. You PROVIDE us with the content (txt or Microsoft Word document) and we will turn them into HTML pages. Also if you would like to publish immages, pictures, photos of your products we can get them web ready (re-size, edit and optimize them). Our photo artist can make your products' photos, at your place, (if your location is close to London, Ont. Canada). $40 a photo (minimum 10 photos) plus travel cost. You will get 10 original high resolution images. We will get five of them internet ready (compress, resize, optimize), to make them load faster on published web pages

Cost depends on the graphic work. A basic package is a 5 page website, from $850 Canadian. Included in this price are five photo optimization and sitemap creation for search robots.

We design all types of websites. Personal, business, e-commerce, WordPress and websites that contain adult materials too.

What you'll get:

5 Webpage. This package introduces your business and creates an online presence.

5 Photos or images optimization (make them web ready).

Navigation table, contact information

There is extra charge for anything else.

On this service $500.00 deposit required in advance.


Web Hosting Canada

One of the most, if not the most popular blogging software, that is capable to hoist an entire website. Yes WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. It just need to be installed to your web server, or our server, set it up and go. We can install and configure it for you (some condition applies), from $350.00  Canadian. The hosting fee is not including in this price. That is extra.

Business Card Type, One Page Website

We create a one page website for FREE for anyone. Yes it is free, but there is a catch, which is a fear deal... It is free only if you host on our partner's web server and you pay the hosting fee for 2 years in advance and link it to our website.

One page websites are excellent to publish information about your company or organization or even personal information. This type of websites are like a business card, business card with more content. You can link your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and or any other social media website, any other websites.

View our example. We named it to Ghost Transport.

Website Templates

Web Hosting Canada

Website templates are great considering the time factor and budget. However often these templates do not match with your or your company's needs and customization remains the only option. We can customize it for you. There is no price to tell, it depends on the template of your choice. Or as an alternative, with a very little knowledge, you can do your own. Our hosting company have ready to go business website's templates for many business.

Sometimes business owner wants more, we can help. Big business, small business, on-line business, home based business, dating service or car repair shop, maybe plastic moulding, what ever... Any business, that is right you name your business and we do the rest. Your business can be up and running in a very short period of time. Create and publish a template base website takes few days only, but a business needs more than a website.

If you need less than three pages we offer single "Yellow Page" type of web site creation. One page, two images or photos, for example your logo. You can publish and advertise your business' basic information, like name, location, contact info, operating hours. $300.00 Canadian. Plus website hosting fee.

There is an option to have a "Responsive" FREE website, that comes with three pages. This is a limited time offer and subject to change at any time without further notice. At presently free stand for, you do not pay any money for us, but you need to pay the hosting fee for two years in advance. Contact us for details!

Are you a small business owner? Check out our SEO service for small business. You can not find better deal on the entire Internet!

However there is no one price fit all... Each of our design service's price based on its unique criteria. All of the prices stated above are estimates only and subject to change with out any notice. Contact us with your needs and we will give you a fair price that is based on complexity.