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This is what we do.


Photography services for your website, for your business, for digital marketing.

Introduce your business to the world  with high quality photos of your team and or products. A picture worth 1000 words, a high quality picture worth even more than that. Photos are critical to get the attention of your website visitors.

Nice, fast loading, properly optimized photos help people and potential customers to remember your website. Catchy photos gets people attention, they will spend more time in your website and they more likely will turn to be costumers.

Our photographer has life time experience shooting people and products that capture website visitors attention. No any business owner can meet personally with all of their clients, because of distance. This fact makes photography even more important.

Our photographer can travel to your location, if your location is no farther than a couplle of hours drive. Many photographers charge per image plus hourly rates. Our rate is for 8 hours or four hours shoots, plus some traveling fee, which based on how far you are from us. We do not charge traveling fee, if you are reasonable close to our location (London, Ontario).

You will get to keep all the photos with full rights forever, except, we keep the right to publish 10 images on our website and or on our social media accounts.

We will edit the photos and optimize them to Internet use. You will get the original unedited, high resulution raw files, the original unedited high resulution jpg files and the compressed, re-sized, edited and optimized, ready to publish jpg files.

Check the next photo album out for an example.

BMW service in       Mississauga

We can create and install on-line photo album, on-line photo gallery for your website. Also for some extra cost we can produce printed out photo books. Remember a photo worth thousand word. So how many words a photo album or a photo book worth? There are many option to produce your photo book, hard cover, soft cover, leather cover, etc. Also they come in many different size and color.

Basic video service for Instagram or YouTube available too.