What is SEO?

You might or might not know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy with an on-going process  to ensure the website can be found in a search engine’s  search results page to acquire free website traffic. The processes itself is not a simple process, it takes time and efforts.

So exactly what does this mean?

In details:

  • We create, execute & manage organic search strategies for our client.
  • We translate our client’s on-line marketing goals into a successful strategy.

To make this happen we have to review all relevant material to gain a full understanding of the client’s goals and business. When we understand what our clients want from their company and or personal website, then we need to audit the website(s) to make sure search engine’s rules and SEO compliance.

If there are issues, SEO or technical, consulting, repairing and or advising how to repair, change, fix those issues. When the website is as “healthy” as possible than the next steps are:

  • Product, service related keyword targeting strategy development. To obtain this SEO keywords optimizations necessary on a page-by-page basis.

There are much more SEO related information on our website. You can check them out here.

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Website Maintenance | Log Files Analyzing

Spend your energy and efforts on running your business. Leave the web work to us. We can take care of your website.

Maintaining a website is as important as creating a website. You should see your website as a living organ. It should grow, it should be checked and should be taken care of. Without consistent updates, your website becomes an outdated brochure that will virtually eliminate repeat visitors and free search engine traffic.

We maintain all types of websites.  Personal, business, e-commerce, and sites that contain adult materials too.
How much one time block cost? It depends on your website present state, there is no one price fit all…

Log Files Analyzing

Do you know where your website visitors are coming from? Do you know what they are looking for in your website?
Our powerful web server log file analyzer, will give you this vital information. For example access statistics, activity of visitors, referring sites, search engines, errors, search words and much more. Price  start at $70

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Website Conversion

How do you measure the success of a site? Conversion.

You could have a lot of traffic going to your site, but those visits don’t really matter if you aren’t converting them into customers. The only visitors that matter are those that are adding to your bottom-line. All other traffic is essentially wasted.

Are you finding yourself with a lot of traffic, selling the right products at competitive prices, yet not with many paying customers? Then read on to find out why your site isn’t converting and what you can do about it.
Check Your Current Conversion Rate

First things first, you should know your current conversion rate. Whether you measure your conversions by product purchases, brochure downloads or email newsletter signups: you need to be measuring and tracking those conversions regularly. You can track your conversion rate using Goals in Google Analytics, or through any other analytics platform of your choosing.

So what’s considered a good conversion rate? The ideal rate is between 2 to 3 percent. This rate could be higher or lower based on the value of the conversion (e.g. you’d have more difficulty converting customers if you’re selling products or services worth $10,000+). But if you’re having less than 2 percent conversion and your conversion value isn’t very high, then you might have a problem on your hands.

There can be many reasons why your site may be under performing.

Your Website Providing a Bad Mobile Experience

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, there is no way it will survive in these times. It isn’t enough for your site to be responsive, it has to be designed specifically for mobile in terms of content and structure. Failure to do so would mean marginalizing a substantial portion of your customer base and in turn decreasing your conversion rate.

But what does designing for mobile entail? Would like to know? Continue Reading…

The above article originated from  Arnaud Broes. Arnaud, a foodie from Bruges, Belgium, is the editor for the Semper Plugins blog and he translates and manages WordPress all in one SEO pack over 50 language.

To read the rest of the article, visit his blog.

Our website analysis service can point out why your website.

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Website Analysis Service

We offer solutions to improve your website to create more web traffic to your site. Web traffic mean more visitors to your site. If the visitors find out  what your website’s all about then the site has to convert the visitors into customers. Websites with value and clear benefit do this easily.

Search Engines & Web Traffic

Web traffic depends on the search engines. Do you know your most important keywords? Do you know what people are looking for in your website? Are the web pages optimized to the keywords? What about registration? Is your website registered in the search engines database?

We will analyze your website. How we do this? At first we have to know your business, and your target areas. We have to talk about your business over the phone or with instant messenger. In some cases we meet personally with our clients. When we have all the necessary information we set the price and evaluate your site. We’ll send you our written report, identifying the problem areas on your site and you will receive our suggestions on how to fix them.

We can optimize, fix and if it is necessary re-design you site.  It is foolish to say that, your site will come up for #1 on the search engines search result page, but we can guaranty that, your site will perform better than it did before.

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Search Engine Marketing – SEO – Website Promotion

If you would like to succeed as a Internet business owner you need to advertise and you need to promote your on line business. There are two ways to market a business. On line and offline. In this page I will talk about on line marketing. On line marketing and search engine traffic are closely related. If your marketing campaign is successful, your search engine traffic will increase, or if it fail your search engine traffic will decrease.

A good on-line marketing campaign needs proper planning, an effective strategy and the right tools to target your future customers.

Importance Of Search Engine Friendly Websites

Once a website has been finished and published, to get it listed in the big three search engines database; Google, Bing and Yahoo, should be the highest priorities. You should not publish a website that is unfinished. Notes and images that states, “Full website coming soon” or “Under Construction” are really bed news for your business. It is something like driving a car with out wheels or a steering wheel. It just won’t work.

There is no way to create free search engine traffic to any website, if that website is not finished yet. Also there is impossible to create search engine’s web traffic to a website, if that website is not search engine friendly. Graphic artists and programmers during website developing do not seem to be think with a marketer mind and they don’t see with a search engine marketing specialist eye.

Sometimes the best web developer, who may use the most advanced programming techniques and the most refined graphic designs, seem to forget the importance of keywords and the proper keywords placing. With this small mistake even the most sophisticated website may experience problems at a later time when it fails to appear within the top search engine results.

My point is, before you spend a wheel of fortune to your search engine marketing campaign you should get optimize your web pages to your targeted keywords, otherwise you are just wasting your money.

your on-line business

Website Promotion – Marketing Tips & Advice

We been continuously contacted by on line business owners who has invested significant resources and money developing, advertising and promoting their websites. After a while they realize that their website has difficulties. They can’t create web traffic, and with out web traffic, it is hard to get new customers.

Important Thing About On-line Marketing

The most important thing is that your on line marketing campaign will require an active participation from you at every step and level. Just hiring a marketing company is not enough for success because it is you who know everything about your business, your products and your customers.

A good search engine marketing campaign will have a great impact on your business. It should drive traffic to your website and traffic will lead to sales and thus boosting revenues. Also search engines marketing campaigns, give information plus generating brand awareness and making consumers aware about your product, services which are yet to be launched.

Our tips: Before you spend money on search engines marketing campaigns get us check your website. We can tell you, your website will succeed or fail. We not only tell you it will fail, we’ll tell you why it will fail. We’ll point out the problems, and if you need it, we can fix those problems, and if you need it, we can market your website too.
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