Review of CleanTalk anti-spam plugin


As our website visitor’s number skyrocketed, as our SPAM emails. Became full time job to filter the SPAM and the valid emails out.

At first we used  Akismet’s plugin for spam protection (it comes as default with every WordPress, new installation and or update) and it did a decent job,  but one day we received a message from Akismet:

“You’re currently using Akismet for free, but the free plan is only allowed on non-commercial sites. Your website is a business website, therefore to continue using Akismet, please upgrade to the $5/month Plus plan.”

Well, we wasn’t happy with the above message and one of our partner suggested CleanTalk. They offer free and paid version of their service, we tried the free version and like a lot. Then started to “investigate” and we found out some details.

At first what is ClenTalk exactly?

CleanTalk is a cloud-based anti-spam plugin for WordPress and few other different blogging software, it blocks spam comments, spam bot sign ups, track-backs and contact form emails. It validates email addresses, before send.

Comments are uploaded to CleanTalks’ cloud servers, at there they undergoes multiple validation checks. These checks include, validate comments submitted too quickly, JavaScript disabled, blacklisted HTTP links and many more. Valid comments are then allowed, while the rest are sent to the spam queue. Also it checks contact form messages too.

CleanTalk doesn’t use CAPTCHA, does not ask any mathematical question and its still filters out all spam comments and messages instantly.

You do not need to be a professional web master to install CleanTalk WordPress plugin. Just search in the in-built plugin directory “CleanTalk” and click install. The installation finish in a matter of second, then you need to activate your newly installed spam protection.

You will see a page asking a CleanTalk access key to go to the next step. To get an access code, you will have to create a CleanTalk account, which is once again, just a matter of seconds.

Than you copy and paste the access code in to your blog corresponding place, and you are done. Your blog is SPAM protected from that moment. Its very fast, and definitely does not slow down your website, and search engine’s ranking speed does count.

CleanTalk email you every month how many SPAM, comments, messages, etc. it blocked (IP address too) so you can track who visits your contact form or comments page.

There is slight different in the free and the paid version, so after few months we used the free software, we decided to get the paid version. It is a lot cheaper then Akismet,  1 website costs only $8 a year (less than a dollar per month) – which is very affordable for us, and I think any blogger can afford few cents a month for spam protection.

Since we use CleanTalk, our SPAM problem disappeared. If you have spam problem, you should try it too.