Website Maintenance | Log Files Analyzing


Spend your energy and efforts on running your business. Leave the web work to us. We can take care of your website.

Maintaining a website is as important as creating a website. You should see your website as a living organ. It should grow, it should be checked and should be taken care of. Without consistent updates, your website becomes an outdated brochure that will virtually eliminate repeat visitors and free search engine traffic.

We maintain all types of websites.  Personal, business, e-commerce, and sites that contain adult materials too.
How much one time block cost? It depends on your website present state, there is no one price fit all…

Log Files Analyzing

Do you know where your website visitors are coming from? Do you know what they are looking for in your website?
Our powerful web server log file analyzer, will give you this vital information. For example access statistics, activity of visitors, referring sites, search engines, errors, search words and much more. Price  start at $70

We can help you. Contact us for more details.

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