Website Analysis Service


We offer solutions to improve your website to create more web traffic to your site. Web traffic mean more visitors to your site. If the visitors find out  what your website’s all about then the site has to convert the visitors into customers. Websites with value and clear benefit do this easily.

Search Engines & Web Traffic

Web traffic depends on the search engines. Do you know your most important keywords? Do you know what people are looking for in your website? Are the web pages optimized to the keywords? What about registration? Is your website registered in the search engines database?

We will analyze your website. How we do this? At first we have to know your business, and your target areas. We have to talk about your business over the phone or with instant messenger. In some cases we meet personally with our clients. When we have all the necessary information we set the price and evaluate your site. We’ll send you our written report, identifying the problem areas on your site and you will receive our suggestions on how to fix them.

We can optimize, fix and if it is necessary re-design you site.  It is foolish to say that, your site will come up for #1 on the search engines search result page, but we can guaranty that, your site will perform better than it did before.

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